March 9, 2015

Who's on YOUR awesome team in life?! The ones who conspire with you over your dreams & goals, encourage you, support you, and love you through joy AND pain. Friends, family members who 'get you', mentors, colleagues in your field who have the maturity to lift you up while also pursuing their own goals. 
Keep a personal list for yourself so you know who your go-to people are. 
Bring them your ideas, desires, stories of success, road blocks, defeats,...

March 5, 2015

Knock, Knock!! Does your 'inner artistic child' ever knock at your door? First, asking you to politely answer, "Hello? Remember that project/dream we wanted to work on? How 'bout it?!" When we don't answer after the first few polite knocks it becomes clear to us that the fear of our creativity being a flop has begun to gnaw away at us. It can actually depress us as we suppress our inner child that's calling out to be rescued and acknowledged. It mat...

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Self-Care for the Artistic Soul

March 29, 2020

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