April 18, 2015

You Think You've Missed Your Chance?! Not a Chance!

Are you stuck or frustrated because you feel like you've missed your chance in life or in your industry?
Not a chance!
Maybe you think you're too old or not educated enough, or you took a different path that led you away from some of your hearts deepest wishes for your life. You think it's too late to loop back and pick up that long lost dream. Or you worry what others will think or that you'll fall...

April 7, 2015

If you're always on the look out for Love, Connection, Opportunity, New Friends, Beauty...You'll find it. 
If you're always on the look out for reasons to be 'mopy', failure, scammers, excuses to start things....Hmmmm, I wonder what you'll find.



April 2, 2015

Someone I sent this to today said they had really needed to hear this. Nothing on our path is in vain. "God causes all things to work together for good..."
If your artistic path or life direction has shifted there is NO mistake in this. It's ALL part of a greater plan for you. Everything you've been through and done up until now will be weaved throughout the spectacular creation called your life! xo



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Self-Care for the Artistic Soul

March 29, 2020

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