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First Official Music Video, Red Carpet, & How it Came To Life!

Hi Everyone! This is so exciting, my FIRST dance hit video! And how it came to life is so cool! You just never know how and when you're going to meet awesome like-minded people that will become part of your journey through life! On the way home from my performance at the Miami Ball this past November we had an Uber driver who turned out to be a talented musician and producer. We were super hungry and had a craving for McDonalnds. LOL! I asked Juan if he could find us a McDonald's and would he like to join us in a late night indulgence of a Big Mac. We sat in the parking lot of Mc Donalds eating our Big Macs and listened to each others music. Juan later offered to help me bring the music video for my single, Red Carpet, to life using the footage that had already been shot. We had a lot of fun working on this and I think he's done an amazing job at capturing the magic to bring this song of empowerment and inspiration to life, thank you Juan (Bartet Media)!

This original single is an authentic extension of my heart and soul, to all, as it speaks to each and every one of us sharing our unique gifts and talents, for our own personal sense of joy and fulfillment, and to also share with anyone else along our path who needs our individual light in their life! I'm so excited for you to experience this video and I hope you really love it too! Lots of Love, Tonia xo

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