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Farewell, 2019!

Some New Years ‘cheesieness’ to go with your champagne! ;)

This 2019 version of Tonia cried the most this year of any! I’m talkin’ ugly crying along much of the way. It was, by far, my most successful year as a singer and new author, but it also yielded the most growing pains and tears of ‘Can I really do this?’. While I’m incredibly grateful for the immense blessings, opportunities and new friendships that 2019 brought me, it came with intense overwhelm, sacrifice, exhaustion and personal confrontation - as all dreams do!

A photograph we post is a split second in time. As many artists, entrepreneurs, etc know, that one second is fleeting. You may see a photo of a prideful moment at the end of a concert, a singer gets to wear the poofy gown for an hour yet, worked their butt off for 3, 6, months prior to it learning, coaching, memorizing, marketing, etc. Now, as an author, when I hold any book in my hands I realize all the agony that went into producing that beautiful final product. Now, when I hold any album in my hands, I realize how much self-doubt and criticism that artist had to push aside so that they could produce their best work.

I cried through the growth, growing pains hurt, and I’m sure I haven’t seen the last of my tears. BUT, these are signs of challenging oneself, I kept going because I knew it would be worth it and my future self would thank me. I wanted to see just how much of my potential I could live up to. So often we cut ourselves short, just before the success comes. Pick your dream, any dream, and keeeeeep going!!!

This year, while homeschooling my two children (have I mentioned before how much I hate math?!), I became a published author, recorded and released two albums, toured concerts, did lots of book signings and gave over 30 radio/paper/podcast interviews...these are all incredible things I wanted and none of it was easy but every day was full of consistent baby steps and that ‘daily drop in the bucket’. I had to silence the voice in my own head, and literally the voices of others (who shall remain nameless) saying things like: ‘You can’t do that’, ‘You’ll probably get a NO so don’t even bother’ and, my favourite of all, ‘You won’t be taken seriously in your industry’. Despite these voices, we all experience them, I kept picking up the phone, asking the questions, doing the work, practicing every chance I could...even through the tears. Now, I’ve decided that I don’t mind the feeling of being underestimated.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned this year is: Ask and you shall receive. The worst someone can say to your request is, no. But if they say yes, get ready for an incredible domino effect of even more pieces of the puzzle falling into place. Another big lesson, JUST KEEP GOING, NO MATTER WHAT! Keep doing the work and planting your seeds because if you don’t reap the rewards immediately then they WILL surface soon. Nothing happens overnight and my close family and friends know just how long I’ve been striving and chipping away to fulfill my dreams, even during times when they felt so far out of my reach (ie. like pressing pause to have children).

You will lose sleep, you will cry a lot, you will fall on your face at times, you will feel out of balance for a while, you might even lose some friends along the way but, the reward you’ll have gained is so very worth it and you’ll have yourself to thank!

2019 was a great year but what was even greater was how Tonia didn’t give up on herself. 😉 Lol Cheesiness complete.

THANK YOU to ALL my family, friends and colleagues who contributed to this year’s successes, you know who you all are! I know you’re probably sick of hearing Georgina Stirling’s name but, what can I say, it’s my ‘heart’s obsession’! I couldn’t have done it without you!

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