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Soprano   Songstress   Songwriter   Author   Foundress of Wish Arts/Opera


"A warm lyrical soprano with a beguiling turn of phrase." 

- Maestro Kerry Stratton, Toronto Concert Orchestra

"Tonia, you took us on a journey from the firey, rapid 'Love Is Where You Find It' to the stillness of 'Blow The Winds Southerly; in the end you could have heard a pin drop."

- Maestro Paolo Busato, Italian Canadian Symphony Orchestra

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"Love it. Carried me away. Mother of all goosebumbs."

- Gordon Pinsent, Newfoundland, Canadian Actor/Director

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"What really distinguishes Tonia Cianciulli, apart from a gravity-defying voice of such warmth, expression, and majesty it’s amazing she hasn’t patented goose-bumps, is her ability to invest any song with authentic emotion no matter the genre or subject matter."

- Kimberly Hughes, Toronto Journalist, Editor, Blogger

Canadian songstress, TONIA EVANS CIANCIULLI is a multifaceted concert artist, enchanting her audiences across North America with her signature programs. She’s been praised for her versatility as a singer, her broadening repertoire and her ‘ability to invest any song with authentic emotion no matter the genre or subject matter’ (K. Hughes, Toronto Journalist). Gordon Pinsent says, ‘Mother of all goosebumps’.


Performer, public speaker, author, recording artist, mentor and unabashed fan-girl of the creative spirit, Tonia is intellectually curious as she is approachable, as accomplished as she is warm and giving, and as dedicated to her dreams as she is to her family.


2020/2021 brought Tonia back into the recording studio. Throughout the global pandemic, the recording of two separate albums (one being completely of Tonia’s original music) have been the glue that’s held her together during the uncertain times. The lingering periods of grieving of cancelled concerts, live events and what once was had Tonia feeling the need to reconnect with the spiritual music of her past, hymns. The meditative, repetitive and faith based lyrics and melodies of hymns have resonated with her heart during this season.


Departing from the forte passion of operatic sounds, Tonia relied on the versatility of her voice to find an ethereal and intimate tone and timbre that exudes healing and deep comfort. The first hymn of this album is appropriately a brand new, original hymn called, ‘MY VOICE BELONGS TO HIM”, on the meaning of singing hymns.  Knowing Tonia’s love for hymns, the lyrics were written with her in mind by Canadian poet, Vaughn Harbin.  She was then inspired with a celestial melody that, combined with the lyrics, give the singer and listener the portrayal of the miraculous powers that wash over the heart, soul and body while singing hymns. (Tonia and Vaughn have also teamed up to collaborate on some of the lyrics for her 2022 album of original music)


This first release is accompanied by a breathtaking music video filmed at Toronto’s, Grace on the Hill Church, filmed by Videographer and Drone Artist, Arunas Remeza. The video captures Tonia singing throughout parts of the empty church as she connects with the sacred space and what this music means to her. The drone beautifully shows off off the church’s high soaring ceilings, stained glass windows, original pipe organ and hovers over the church pews where a congregation would stand together to sing hymns in unison. Photography and makeup for this single and album release are taken by award winning photographer, Maria Mikhailova.


Tonia collaborated with her producer, Dima Graziani, to arrange and accompany with synth pads and piano, on this personally significant and meaningful collection called, ‘HYMNS OF THE HEART’. It is set to be released on October 1st, 2021.


The album includes other favorites: How Great Thou Art, Amazing Grace, Come and Find the Quiet Centre, Nearer, My God to Thee, Be Thou My Vision, It is Well With My Soul, Jesus Loves Me, and How Can I Keep From Singing.

Adding to the creation and texture of this album are cellist, Erika Nielsen and arranger, Jesse Fegelman.


Tonia’s second album is of comprised of completely original music. She further highlights her heart’s true home of Newfoundland and writes about matters of the heart and personal experiences. This album of original music will be released in summer of 2022 with a performing tour of Newfoundland and Ontario in the works!


Preserving and promoting her cultural heritage of Newfoundland has been a pre-eminent preoccupation of late. Tonia is an award winning author of ‘The Heart’s Obsession – An Intimate Biography of Newfoundland Songstress Georgina Stirling’ (1867-1935), with Flanker Press, and has received glowing reviews from CBC, Opera Canada Magazine, and singer Alan Doyle of Great Big Sea. In 2019, she released two companion albums in tandem with the book under Newfoundland record label, Citadel House, shining a spotlight on two of the province’s most renowned musicians, Georgina Stirling and late folk hero, Ron Hynes, bringing new appreciation and life to their distinct songbooks.


Tonia is a huge advocate for following our hearts in all that we do along our own individual journeys. She is the founder of non-profit Wish Arts, focusing on the psychological aspects of being an artist/performer with her coaching program, An Artist’s Journey. She further dives into the artist’s psyche with her print interview series, Artist’s Spotlight, and more recent, HEART to H-ART Instagram Live interviews, both series highlighting and shining the spotlight on Canadian artists.


Tonia is a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner and is a certified Teacher with the Institute of HeartMath, She is working on a new book which, focuses on self-development for artists. Tonia lives between Toronto and Miami and is in her seventh year of homeschooling her two children.


“Tonia, your performance was so outstanding and so moving. It really made a huge difference for our agency and I cannot express enough how grateful we are and what an amazing, generous contribution your presence made to Victim Services, Toronto.”   

Bonnie Levine, Executive Director, Victim Services,

‘Metro Toronto Police Chiefs Gala’


“Thank you, Tonia. Your gift of singing and sharing your own touching experience of losing someone to HIV/AIDS at our gala had an emotional impact on our guests. Thank you for your generosity in assisting us to raise awareness and support for this important cause.”

David Pavanel, Board of Directors, Peel HIV/AIDS Network, ‘PHANtastic Galas

“Performing a selection of opera was Tonia Cianciulli, an accomplished opera singer who also later performed original & popular music with DJ Aloona, Ms. Cianciulli is a composer in her own right and performed superbly, acknowledged by the audience in arousing applause.” 

Alex Milas, Executive Director,

MIAMI BALL, Ritz Carlton

“Tonia, your passionate voice took our women on an emotional journey within to fuel the self love and confidence required to walk their courageous path. Your performance was captivating and uplifting - and the perfect punctuation mark to deliver our message! Thank you for your valuable contribution and commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.”     

Tanya Chernova Co founder Courageous Living,

Canada's Top 100 Most Powerful Women

"Tonia's breathtaking performance at the Omey Projects exhibition launch, featuring Portugal's most celebrated contemporary artist Nuno Santiago in the heart of the famous Vilamoura marina, added a whole new dimension to a fantastic evening. Her flawless, spine-tingling arias added a touch of pure sophistication and her stunning voice carried throughout the entire marina. It was mesmerizing. Her original songs added a surprising and delightful twist on classic opera and left the crowd completely star-struck. A truly world- class performance. Brava! Thank you Tonia for the gift of your voice. We look forward to welcoming you back to Portugal again soon!"

Kelly Murtagh, OMEY PROJECTS,


Tonia Cianciulli electrified the Cosmic Commune tent at BESTIVAL, with an intergalactic themed, stardust-sparklling, spine tingling performance that was all at once breathtaking, ethereal, mysterious & goose bump-inducing.  Her luminous voice & enchanting presence left us spellbound and took us out of this world on a magical journey through a beautiful & emotional musical universe.

Eve St. Jude, Entertainment Coordinator

BESTIVAL, Toronto Music Festival

Photo by: ALLURE Photography

Dress from: Just Two Girls

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