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Foundress, Soprano


Conductor, Music Director

TONIA CIANCIULLI - Foundress of WISH ARTS, Soprano

All of Tonia’s endeavours focus around empowering and supporting emerging and established Artists and Performers of all artistic mediums. In the Spring of 2010, Tonia fulfilled on a lifelong dream and founded Wish Opera. By incorporating elements of contemporary fashion and design, the company presents events that are vibrant, current, and relevant in the present day. The organization’s goal is aimed at showcasing and supporting Canadian talent of all artistic mediums, expanding the size and scope of opera audiences and making opera a more accessible art form by fusing opera with fresh modern styles and perspectives.

After Tonia received her certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming she developed a unique program called An Artist's Journey, specifically tailored for Artists and Performers to empower and support the development and fulfillment of all of their goals and dreams.

Tonia resides between Toronto and Miami and performs frequently. 


Kerry Stratton is the Conductor and Music Director of the Toronto Concert Orchestra.  He also serves as Conductor for a varied schedule of performances and recordings with a long list of European and international orchestras.  In Toronto, he hosts a classical music radio show as a means to expand exposure, and is a very capable speaker as well.  Stratton enjoys meeting and working with board members and donors. 

He has pursued a modern, successful vision in his career.  Stratton’s objectives include having his orchestras perform in many venues, many styles, and many configurations while presenting a repertoire that addresses the maximum number of constituencies.  It is his belief that musical excellence can be found from the concert stage to the dance floor, and significant experience shows that this philosophy works. 

Founded in the spring of 2010, Wish Opera is a young company with a mature vision.

Wish Opera believes that as we step into the spotlight as individual artist’s and express our authentic selves and voices we encourage others to also share their unique gifts and talents. Wish Opera is currently enjoying a shift to more ‘behind the scenes’ aspects of being Artists and Performers in the Canadian Arts Scene.

With AN ARTIST’S JOURNEY and ARTIST’S SPOTLIGHT all aspects of a performers psyche are being observed, nurtured and empowered. Artists and Performers are transformed and inspired by exploring and mastering these aspects of their journey throughout an artistic career and life.

When Wish Opera inspires through events and performances we seek to address issues which stimulate and challenge today’s audiences, and lead them to contemplative introspection. With a mandate to support Canadian artists, and to encourage and nurture emerging talent, the company is confident in the vast natural resources available to fulfill this dynamic and compelling vision. Wish Opera delivers on these promises by constantly seeking to answer the question on which it is founded: How do we nurture, empower, and fulfill on our highest artistic expression and visions, within ourselves and our artistic community?

Wish for it and fuel it with action...                                


LAUNCH CONCERT - March, 2010


November, 2010

ROSE MARIE, John Bassett, MTCC

April, 2011

The Making of ROSE MARIE


Giving Back...

Wish Opera & Wish Group donate a portion of proceeds to the Sick Kids Foundation...A foundation that is dear to our hearts.

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