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'THE HEART'S OBSESSION' Book, Albums, Interviews, Videos

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'THE HEART'S OBSESSION - Concert and Book Signing 2020 Dates, Coming Soon!

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"Love it. Carried me away. Mother of all goosebumbs." Gordon Pinsent, Newfoundland, Canadian Actor/Director


A cascading series of events came together to irrevocably link me with renowned 19th Century Newfoundland-born opera star Georgina Stirling (1867-1935), who performed under the stage name Marie Toulinguet, and had great international success. Our cosmic union has resulted in this gorgeous and undeniably haunting pop/classical crossover cover, "MARIE", written by late Newfoundland folk hero Ron Hynes about Stirling.

"MARIE" was serendipitously discovered as I was preparing to tour Stirling's song book across Newfoundland in 2017, an idea that came from a soul-searching conversation with a cousin who encouraged me to explore my ancestral Newfoundland roots. I met Newfoundland Singer/Songwriter Chris LeDrew who happened to be long-time friend/colleague of Ron Hynes and had toured with him. While organizing the first concert for St. John's, Chris asked me if I had heard of the song "Marie", a tribute to the life and legacy of Georgina Stirling from Hynes' final album before he passed away from Cancer, 2016's Later That Same Life, and representing a clear line-through between Newfoundland's musical past and present. I knew I had to include this jewel in my concert program of repertoire outlining the life and career of 'MARIE'. I quickly got in touch with Ron Hynes' manager, Charles MacPhail, and he happily sent me the lyrics and mp3. Charles told me that before Ron died he said, "Keep my music alive, brother." As Ron underwent numerous rounds of chemotherapy before recording is his final album the words were quite challenging to understand but, bless his heart, that he went ahead with finishing his final gift to the world or this unique presentation would not be in existence. Though from opposite spectrums of musical genres, in the end, whether it's opera or pop or a combination of both, we must do what speaks to us and feeds our souls. That is what I hope to do with music.

It was an incredible honor and privilege to have performed this hauntingly beautiful song "MARIE" in concerts with Newfoundland pianist Evan Smith, and an even bigger honour to have collaborated in recordeding it together. Later in 2017 I traveled back to Newfoundland to perform two more concerts this time to Twillingate, Georgina's hometown. Performing in the very church where Georgina first started her career and from which she was laid to rest was simply entrancing. I met up with drone videographer, Julian Earle of Twillingate, to film this captivating video footage while visiting the late diva's grave-site and other landmarks. Somewhere in the heavens or across the ocean waves of Newfoundland, my wish is that Georgina Stirling and Ron Hynes are smiling and sagely nodding their heads. 

"NIGHTINGALE SINGS" is a brand new original song that features elements of opera, poetic lyricism, and intimate whispers to evoke memories of the past with a modern, ethereal and dreamlike soundtrack to connect listeners with both Georgina. This song brings the silenced voice and memory of Newfoundland’s — and Canada’s — opera Prima Donna, Georgina Stirling into the 21st century.”

I was honoured to merge my love affair with opera and song writing in collaboration with Miami-based musician Juan Bartet and Portugal-based producer/DJ Jorge Almeida to bring “Nightingale Sings” to such vivid and vivacious life. The visual tribute of the 'Nightingale Sings' music video was filmed against a similar backdrop to that of Newfoundland, by the ocean on Vancouver’s Bowen Island at Cape Roger Curtis Lighthouse with Mike Wollin Studios. This amazing Nightingale that once graced International opera stages would enchant audiences in Italy, Paris, England and the U.S. with her vocal fireworks, yet she would always long for home — the edge of the ocean among the waves and sea birds in Twllingate, Newfoundland. 

The songs "MARIE" and "NIGHTINGALE SINGS" will be part of a full-length tribute album of sacred solos and songs based on Stirling that is currently in progress to be released 2018/2019.  Also on the horizon, a new book about Stirling with my grandfather, veteran Newfoundland author, Calvin Evans, who in 1993 first gave me the book 'Nightingale of the North' by Amy Louise Peyton. We will be expanding on the life, career, and performance aspects of Georgina Stirling and sharing more staggering synchronicities along the journey of bringing Georgina Stirling into the 21st Century.

Concert programs consist of repertoire performed by the late Georgina Stirling, based on her concert programs we were able to find. When Georgina would return from Europe to Newfoundland for short periods of time, she would perform in churches across the province to audiences so full, it was standing room only! Although Miss Stirling would offer some operatic repertoire to her audiences from being abroad, she delighted in singing the most treasured songs of her fellow Newfoundlander's, sacred solos, hymns, tender songs of the heart and murmurs of the ocean she so loved. My grandfather, Calvin Evans, will join me in these tribute concerts and will be reading short poetic excerpts from our book woven throughout the program of music, all to outline her life. I will have the pleasure of being joined in music and accompanied by Newfoundland born, pianist and organist, Jason Locke.



"The first time hearing Tonia's rendition of MARIE I was flooded with emotion, the goosebumps lead the way to tears and the memories of Ron writing this hauntingly beautiful piece. I am sure Mr. Hynes would be smiling to hear your lovely voice deliver his lyrics and music in such an exquisite way."  

- Charles MacPhaill, Manager of Ron Hynes

After viewing Tonia’s version of “Marie”, I was transported back home to my loving province of Newfoundland and Labrador and all the wonders it has to offer. As an international opera singer from the province and listening to stories as a child from my grandfather (Ignatius Rumboldt) about Madame Stirling, I was delighted to learn that Tonia had done something special in the renowned soprano’s honour. When Tonia combines her beautiful voice and spirit with the legend of Ron Hynes’ music it becomes transcendent. I hope this song and version reaches many hearts from Newfoundland and beyond as it did mine.”

- David Pomeroy, Newfoundland.

World-renowned opera singer and grandson of the famous musician Ignatius Rumboldt.

"Tonia Cianciulli's beautiful rendition of Ron Hynes' "Marie" brings to life the longing and emotional power of this story as told through Hynes' poignant lyrics. Cianciulli's operatic mastery adds a majesty to Hynes' finely crafted song and brings us that much closer to feeling what Marie would have experienced in her own life as a world-renowned opera singer."

– Chris LeDrew, Newfoundland.

Singer/Songwriter, Friend and Colleague of Ron Hynes

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