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NEW! Self-Care for the Artist’s Heart


♥️self-care ♥️self-kindness ♥️self-respect ♥️amour-propre  ♥️self-acceptance ♥️self-confidence ♥️self-worth
If you’re an artist, of any genre, your art and self-care is essential to your mental health.
I put a big emphasis on self-love for artists, and highly sensitive people, in particular! You’ll soon learn why it’s crucial for us artists to take exquisite care of ourselves.
Everything I do is around creating and living a heart-focused life with love at the core. Thank you to all of you kindred spirits that have been along on this journey with me.


♥️ We artists and ‘highly sensitive people’ are a special breed. 


Fun fact: It’s been proven (Yale Centre for Emotional Intelligence, 2020) that artists/creative individuals experience more anxiety and depression than non-artists BUT, that we also have ‘high resources’ such as hope, psychological well-being and ego-resilience!
Go Artists, Go!


Instinctively, I always believed this to be true which is why I’ve been so passionate about supporting and mentoring artists, of all genres, in ways that are unique to us!


You’re going to come away reconnected to your heart (and Art), your core values, your purpose. 


You’ll understand the TRUE meaning of self-care for YOUR Artist self and heart. And to know how to create more self-nurturing behaviour so that you’re in a virtuous circle and not a viscous cycle. 



Become Your Own Wish-Come-True!

Be guided and supported in taking inspired action. Be witness to bringing your artistic goals & endeavours to fruition. Empower yourself with new tools to shape & fulfill the desires of your artistic being.

- Develop your own work or piece

- Gain confidence to give your best auditions & performances

- Strengthen your professional brand

- Become clear on your personal journey as an artist/performer

- Define your Gifts & Talents and how they will be showcased in your world

To Begin Your 6 Artist's Journey 

One on One, Coaching Sessions email:


An Artist's Journey Boot Camp is the perfect opportunity to get yourself motivated and back into taking the inspired action necessary to fuel your wishes into being. Come with a specific Wish that you would like to breath life into this coming year. Be guided, supported, and empowered with new tools in designing your own unique path and the steps you will take in order to fulfill your creative endeavours. 

Participate in an intimate and welcoming atmosphere with other like-minded creatives.

Everyone who attends these boot camps are just the kind of amazing fellow journiers you'd love to meet!

Be inspired by others and inspire them as well with your gifts & talents.

Delicious & Healthy Lunch Provided

Be Lead in Ashtanga Yoga & Group Exercise in Zen Garden! 

Leave feeling in love with your new Vision & Wish-planting Action plan!

Artist's Journey Boot Camp - $150.00

To Inquire:

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