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We can all sometimes suffer from comparison-depression. They say 'a picture is worth a thousand words', we all know though that sometimes behind that picture can often be a thousand more words that we can't or won't ever see. During each round of An Artist's Journey I've lead, the topic of how Facebook/Social Media affects us always come up. As fun, amusing, and helpful it can be for staying up to date with our friends and family, it can also have its dark side. We've all felt those feelings before...we're scrolling along and an image of someone or something pops up that immediately triggers us. The downward spiral begins. We start comparing, thoughts that a certain person is not deserving of that thing, feelings of 'it should be my turn', it's not fair, all of a sudden the things in our life that we are up to pale in comparison, etc. The truth is we have no idea what that person has been through on their journey and in their life, or what they had to go through to achieve that 'something'. We have no idea what's behind the scenes of that picture, the hard work put in, the tears, the frustration, the past challenges that they had to push themselves through to get there, or the failures they had to pick themselves up from time after time before arriving at their finish line. And sometimes, it's nothing more than the Grace of God that's allowed them to be or have what they have. Sometimes Grace can knock Karma out of the park because maybe that person just has a certain calling or destiny in life that other people will be blessed by. So instead of letting this depress us, let's rather ask ourselves: - What can I do NOW to inch my way closer to a dream or to feeling better about myself? - What have I proudly accomplished in my own life that others might look at as successful and may wonder how I got there? - What can I learn from seeing a colleague/friend/family member achieve something I also want? Realize that if there's something someone else is doing that you so badly desire, you also have the ability inside you to accomplish something comparable or greater. Rejoice in others blessings since they are living out their destiny. Focus on you how you are living and can impact your own special destiny. Look at how you can also be a blessing to others using your own talents and gifts. Lastly, while continuing to take action steps along your way, intend, invite, or pray for some miraculous Grace from God in your own life towards your own pursuits of happiness.

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