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Keep On Keeping On

Keep Looking UP! Keep raising your expectations! Keep expecting miracles! Keep braving it out along your path planting your seeds, your harvest will come! Keep ignoring the nay-sayers! Keep weeding out whatever and whoever doesn't serve your highest good and purpose! Keep adjusting along the way, detours often hold miracles. Keep taking baby steps! Keep sharing your passions! Keep collaborating! Keep asking for help! Keep your vulnerability! Keep SHOWING UP for yourself! Keep on, keeping on!! Often we can stay so fixated on a vision we have for ourselves, we become gripped to it thinking it has to turn out exactly the way we imagine it. This can cause us pain and frustration because we aren't willing to remain flexible on our path, accounting for or staying open minded to detours or simply other ways to arrive at our destination. These detours can feel like major set backs or make us feel that we'll never arrive at our goal. These so called 'set backs' can even make us feel like failures because we've been told so many times that if we have a crystal clear vision of our goal then it will become a reality. Sometimes we need to just trust the process and be open-minded to disguised miracles, new opportunities, and even a surprisingly better timeline than we had in mind. God/the universe sees the dedicated work you're putting into your passions and goals. 'Keep on keeping on' working consistently and diligently towards your goals, remain flexible, be present and enjoy process of the actual journey, and you might just be pleasantly surprised in the final outcome.

Photo from Video footage by Mike Wollin @mikewollinstudios Original Music Release & Video 'NIGHTINGALE' coming 2018, with Juan Bartet, BARTET MEDIA

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