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Break away from the 'cloud'!

Most of you know I’m always on the hunt for heart shapes! Yesterday I sat watching some clouds overhead and I was not the least bit surprised to see this little heart cloud bust itself away from the larger cloud mass.

So, call it cheesy, this awesome, fluffy metaphor presented itself to me while doing some deep thinking. ♥️ When we follow our hearts we separate ourselves from the masses in our own unique way, in a way that’s honouring our inner voice.

There may be some people along the way that don’t like the feeling they get when they see you following your own path. Many of us know how this feels. It’s all good. They’ll realize in their own time when they start following their own special path. ♥️ Know this: It is our duty to break away from the ‘cloud’/crowd. We aren’t here to disappear into one mass cloud. We are all here with the purpose to explore our own individual limits, to MEET with our highest potentials of love, creativity, strength and our god given talents...and share it with the world!


Tonia xo

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