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'Jesus Loves Me', and you too! SONG RELEASE

It was in church, on Sunday mornings in Sunday School, that I first came to know the sound of my own voice. The first song we usually learn in Sunday School is the traditional: 'Jesus Loves Me'. It's a simple yet meaningful song that can serve almost as a mantra and reminder for us throughout our daily lives. We are never alone, He is always with us and loves us. This piece has always had very significant meaning for my family, most specifically my mom. I recorded this for her birthday a while ago and now I'd like to share it with others who also feel a close connection and comfort by its words and melody. Please enjoy this peaceful and hauntingly beautiful rendition. ONE MORE SPECIAL THING TO SHARE WITH YOU... As many of you know, I look for HEARTS everywhere I go, as signs. Just THIS week while preparing this video for you, I came across this heart hair-clip on a beach walk with the kids, it says JESUS on it.

THEN, while refreshing in my memory, the dates and story of this song (see below), I came across an article, the main image was of hands holding a white heart snowball!! FINALLY, in the middle of typing this email to you, my dear cousin, Jody, sent me a photo from Newfoundland holding a heart rock she found while walking on her pebble beach. I last sang 'Jesus Loves Me' at her mother's funeral this past summer in Newfoundland. If those aren't signs of God's love and presence in our lives, then I don't know what else is! LOVE, Tonia XO

Did you know... 'Jesus Loves Me' was penned by Anna B. Warner in 1860. It first appeared in a novel she wrote with her older sister, Susan Warner, called 'Say and Seal'. It was originally written as a poem to comfort a dying child. The tune was later added in 1862 by William Batchelder. It is known as one of the most popular hymns around the world. Thank you to my incredibly talented musical colleagues who contributed to the production of this near and dear melody: Synth Strings: Dima Graziani Cello: Erika Nielsen Arrangement: Jesse Fegelman and Dima Graziani Recording/Production: Dima Graziani Video Coordination: Marissa Soragnese,The Wish Group Thumbnail photo: Meghan White Photography/Twillingate Thumbnail artwork: Lyndon Lampa, The Wish Group Written by: Anna B. Warner

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