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Never Underestimate the Magical Impact You Can Have On Another

A heartfelt & emotional throwback. This young man, at only 34, changed the entire direction of my life. My late uncle Brian wasn't even a singer but was very educated and passionate when it came to opera. While he was alive it was his mission to instill his passion for opera in me. I casually sang some silly little song for him one day and he jumped up and said: Honey, you have a voice made for opera! Thus began the seasons tickets at the COC, buying me vocal scores, having me sing at his lavish parties, even emotionally coaching me on how to portray 'the tears in your voice, Tonia.' (Maria Callas was our go-to as the perfect example.) To quote him when I was a young singer, 'Tonia, you will hit your prime in your 40's. This is when you will come into your own.' And my god was he ever right. There's something about being in my 40's, things are unlocking and unfolding. You can't rush a fine wine, and you certainly can't rush the twists, turns, and detours of your life's journey because it is ALL part of what makes you, you, and contributes to your destiny. I am grateful for all of it. I got so present to this today in a coaching with Caren Levine who coaches between here in Miami and the MET opera, a rush! And knowing how much my uncle Brian LOVED to dance, I just know that he would be grooving to the new music I've found myself writing. Brian, you're with me, STILL, and I'll never stop working the gift God gave me and the desire you placed in my heart!

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