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Self-Care for the Artistic Soul

It’s a pretty crazy time right now, an unprecedented time that we’re all experiencing together, the entire world, every person, which means, every artist too.

Like most, I’ve been on a roller coaster, up and down. It’s such a surreal feeling. Some moments hit you and you’re like, Is this REALLY happening?!

Kinda like waking up to a bad dream each morning realizing it’s not a dream, it’s a new reality. I’ve not wanted to even get out of bed some days. My melancholy, dramatic artist self takes over a little too much if I’m not careful.

I’ve personally had a very rough start to 2020, a couple traumatic things I’ve experienced even BEFORE this COVID-19 pandemic broke out. Because of that, I feel like I’ve already had to develop a bit of a survival kit for myself to get through one day at a time.

I would REALLY LOVE to use this thread to gather and share some ideas and thoughts that we can all contribute and benefit from in many situations or times that can be paralyzing, uncertain, and even traumatic on our artistic souls.

Below are some things that have helped me. I’ve started making a list for current and future reference. PLEASE add and share your thoughts in this thread because, what works for one person might not work for another. And any actions or experiences that unite us in times like this can add a sense of comfort and community.

♥️ Journal or ‘morning pages’, free flow journaling on just about anything you’re feeling or projects you wanna explore. I’m always surprised by what surfaces using this method.

♥️ Exercise is HUGE, even simple powerwalks. And there’s countless workout videos on YouTube. I get creative ideas flooding my mind when I’m walking or exercising because our mind is most creative when we take space for ourselves instead of trying to proactively BE creative. Fresh air and blowing off some steam helps a ton as well.

♥️ Feel paralyzed emotionally or physically about doing your art?! I find it helps if I promise myself to even 10-20 min (on a daily basis) of practicing or singing or writing because it almost always leads to more then I feel so much better afterwards. And if you can only squeeze out the 10 to 20 minutes at least you kept his promise to yourself and can feel some sense of accomplishment. BABY STEPS!

♥️ FaceTime or call your most supportive and empathetic friends or family. Now is not the time to speak with people who are generally ‘Debbie Downers’ or pessimists, especially if you find they usually zap your energy after an encounter with them. Protect yourself and your energy.

♥️ Update your website or Artist BIO.

♥️ Seems simple and common sense but not always. Both ladies and gentlemen, make your bed, get dressed, do your hair, shave, put some makeup on.

♥️ Do a good deed for a friend to get outside your own head.

♥️ I Love listening to Abraham Hicks on YouTube.

♥️ Read a chapter of a feel-good book. Be it self-help or fiction. Some of my FAV self-help books are: #SpiritJunkie #BigMagic #EmpathSurvivalGuide #TheWarOfArt #InvisibleActsOfPower #EverythingIsFiguroutable #ExposedDiaryofaSelfCareJunkie etc

♥️ I also enjoy picking up my Bible once in a while to read some uplifting passages of strength and hope.

♥️ Have a bath with Epson salts and throw on some Sarah McLachlan or whatever music you love.

♥️ Create a mini concert or reading (published or unpublished) to share on Facebook or Instagram Live. This has helped me immensely recently because it makes me accountable to a goal and the preparation of that goal in this time of isolation when we can lose focus and motivation super easily. Here are two I've recently done... Book reading and singing from my companion album, #theHeartsObsession:

Songs of Encouragement and Inspiration:

♥️ Set times for NO social media. Take a break from it all.

♥️ Set a brainstorming call with your artistic BFF to go over plans for a future project. Dream Big! The world is starving for YOUR art, creativity and personal touch.

♥️ Send a selfie, a video or a quote to a friend once you’ve done something your proud of and share about it with them.

♥️ Do some saging. Light some candles. Pour a glass of bubbly. Dance to your fav music. Create a date night for just YOU!

♥️ Pour a glass of wine, grab a stack of magazines and start ripping out images and phrases to create a new vision board of feel good vibes!

♥️ Declutter and organize your workspace, studio, personal space. Even one drawer or corner at a time to feel even a bit of progress if it’s too overwhelming.

♥️ Purge your closet. What items of clothing bring your joy. Toss the ones that don’t fit, have bad memories attached to them, or don’t bring you that joyful feeling in your gut anymore.

♥️ Snuggle with an old teddy bear. I do. Lol, it actually really helps!

♥️ Be goofy! Send your friends that ‘get you’, some goofy videos to share a belly laugh together!

♥️ Write a letter to your future self about how you got through whatever you’re going through and how proud of yourself you are.

♥️ Gratitude list. List everything from specific family members and friends to your morning cup of coffee to your talents to your favourite meal you make to your favourite book to your health to your capacity to be LOVE to those around you. There’s so much we can be grateful for that we overlook on a daily basis. Now, more than ever, I think we all get the gravity of how grateful we are for the things we’ve just come to brush past.


Tonia xo

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