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Knock, Knock!

Knock, Knock!! Does your 'inner artistic child' ever knock at your door? First, asking you to politely answer, "Hello? Remember that project/dream we wanted to work on? How 'bout it?!" When we don't answer after the first few polite knocks it becomes clear to us that the fear of our creativity being a flop has begun to gnaw away at us. It can actually depress us as we suppress our inner child that's calling out to be rescued and acknowledged. It matters not, the scope of the project, big or small, we feel the same amount of pain. We try to ignore the knock, telling ourselves it's no use, it's already been done, what could we possibly have to offer, it will fail miserably, or totally suck! You knock it down and think you shooed it away this get a few days of peace...and then all of a sudden it's frantically tearing at the door handles saying, "Listen up, you!!! You better start this thing with me or I'll torture you every second of your existence. I'll haunt you and pick away at your soul until you say yes!" Open the Door!!! Say Yes! Your first steps can be ever so small, but just start. Notice how the weight from your chest starts to lift, there's a spring in your step and your 'feathers feel a little puffier' with each inch you move along. Say 'yes' to the self that you're capable of being and 'no' to letting that magical part of you die.

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