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Think You've Lost Your Chance? Not a Chance!

You Think You've Missed Your Chance?! Not a Chance!

Are you stuck or frustrated because you feel like you've missed your chance in life or in your industry? Not a chance! Maybe you think you're too old or not educated enough, or you took a different path that led you away from some of your hearts deepest wishes for your life. You think it's too late to loop back and pick up that long lost dream. Or you worry what others will think or that you'll fall on your face. Do you want to die not knowing?! Do you want to look back and think to yourself that you gave up the chance to even 'give it a go' because you thought people would think, 'Who do they think they are?' Woah! I sure don't! Can you imagine? This is what I've learned from my own experiences and from watching others I know courageously go after what they want deep down inside.

NO ONE is too messed up to start over again and turn it all around. I know personally, people who were chained by addictions who are now living dreams they wanted so badly because they took action! Now that's something to be proud of!

Your best opportunities have NOT passed you by. In fact, they are stretched out and waiting there in front of you. You are NOT too old, top young, too weak, too this, too that....these are all just reasons for not taking action to get the results. And just because you thought your dream was supposed to LOOK like 'this' or 'that' doesn't mean it won't be just as spectacular or even better, after having twisted and turned a little before you got there. Do you know why? Because Action and Faith are rewarded. Maybe not overnight, but keep planting your seeds everywhere you can and taking action towards your dreams. As you journey forward you'll be blessed with the satisfaction that comes from pursuing what your heart longs for. You'll start feeling the great stretch from reaching beyond your usual grasp in order to expand beyond your comfort zone and to seize new opportunities that you thought you had lost or had passed you by.

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