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I Haven't Changed, I've Just Woken Up! Lessons of 2016 I'm working on...

'I haven't changed. I've just woken up.' Lessons of 2016 I'm working on...

It's a very painful feeling when you've broken your word to our own self.

You can make your own wishes-come-true by taking advantage of your individual 'super powers' and taking action!

I choose to no longer chase or convince people to believe in me, it only results in a superficial and inauthentic 'sharing' of my gifts. Opportunities that are specifically meant for me will arrive at the right time and in the right form because of my diligent efforts and faith in what I have to offer.

Parts of the real me had been silenced for fear of abandoning mediocrity. This year was one of giving voice and permission to express fully what I feel, need, and desire. I'm not living anyone else's life, I'm living mine. I'll sing with my own voice and no one else's. My voice comes with its own unique tone and quality. If you like it then I'm honoured, if you don't, I'm not offended, I'm grateful you can honour your own preferences to move on and let me continue to freely express mine.

Social media can be a fake reality. No one really has their shit together as much as it may appear and no one is better than anyone else. Don't get caught up in thinking 'the grass is greener' over there.

One SMALL change, made consistently each day, will yield huge results over time.

I am one strong woman and am addicted to being there for others, this I know. I'm lucky to have those who know me so well that they can sense if Im in a time when my strength is being 'borrowed' when deep down indeed there's fear and vulnerability, they always seem to come along in the most crucial moments to help me press on.

If you're shaking in fear to make a healthy decision or choice for your life chances are, it's the right decision for YOU.

People with class and courage will be honest and forth coming.

They'll approach you in communication before passing judgment instead of hiding in the background of your life.

"Shyness gets you no where!" A quote from a good friend who pushed me at the perfect moment this past year and the result was a MASSIVE and miraculous domino effect!

If someone pokes fun or judges you for sharing your feelings or thoughts then they're most likely paralyzed in their own fear of self expression.

People pleasing feels good in the moment but when you physically can't do it you'll see who was really interested in a relationship with YOU or with just what you were able to DO/BE for them.

Risking my own well being is not proof that I love someone.

'Pack light' in life and when travelling. I've always been an anxious packer for fear that I'll be missing something I need during my 'travels'. What I've come to realize is the less 'baggage' we carry through life, the easier things flow. And if we find ourself 'missing or lacking' something we really do 'need', the right thing or person will be presented or made available.

Embracing and taking advantage of where we are at any given moment on our journey through life is the best way to foster more creativity and experiences that lead us to our individual destiny.

Jealous feelings towards others halts our own production and taints the amazing things we're personally up to.

My children are my best teachers.

If someone REALLY wants to be part of your life, you'll surely see the proof and won't need to second guess it. Be grateful for those who do. 'You gotta know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away, know when to run'.'

You can't force someone to treat you right. But you don't have to stick around for them to treat you wrong.

I have the best support team of family and friends, for them I am truly grateful!

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