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What is Your Living Legacy? How do you show 'I Was Here' in your every day?

Dear Wish Makers,

As we take our first steps into 2017, envision what you see for yourself THIS year, and imagine your day to day. I invite you to read & listen to this poignant message, consider for yourself - How are you saying & showing 'I Was Here' with your own life?

This year in particular we lost so many treasured artists at ages that were too young. Because so many are celebrities, we see the impact on a global stage. BUT, we all know you don't need to be a celebrity or of high profile in order to influence someone in a positive way, to touch their heart, to make a lasting impression. We often consider the legacy we want to leave at the end of our lives, but what about our living legacy from moment to moment, year to year? This year, I decided to truly embrace where I was in each moment of my personal journey. I ditched fear and replaced it with Action on a scale that I had never dared exploring before. We are all artists creating our most meaningful masterpiece, our life and our LIVING legacy. We are rewarded for our action, not only in the results of seeing our personal success grow but in how people feel in our presence and when we have left their side. No matter what your unique gift or talent is, no matter the scale, PLEASE, nurture it every day, share it in every way. Live into YOUR legacy with each thought and action. With this in mind, I'd like to share my version of an inspirational anthem, 'I Was Here'. As you listen to the poignant words, consider how you can say and show, 'I Was Here' with every day of your own life.

Warm wishes,


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