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Summertime Sadness cover and the cool journey of this song!

Dear family, friends & artists,

Over 100 family and friends were present at my Red Carpet private concert last summer. Everyone showed up with so much love and support to make it such a meaningful night for me. That night ended up being a catalyst that literally set off a domino effect of performance opportunities, new friendships, and creative endeavors. That concert was all about embracing exactly where I am on my musical journey, creating my own performance opportunities, my own music, and taking the initiative to fulfill my destiny. Since the journey to our destination is JUST as important as our end accomplishments, I am learning to fully enjoy this process. I'd like to take advantage of this platform to share with you, my close friends and family, from time to time along my journey. Before I could come down off the high from that concert I was invited to travel to Portugal to perform opera and my own original music at three incredible venues. (Thank you OMEY Projects and Jody Locke!) This trip was a whirlwind of excitement, traveling on my own and basically performing where ever they lined me up next. I should add that I had a 4th night where I 'performed' at the best Karaoke Bar I've ever encountered, a couple solos followed by requests for 3 duets with gentlemen of amazing vocal talents! It was a blast! :) One of the evenings I performed at a stunning place called Cafe del Arte owned by the talented violinist, Krazimir Dzhambazov, concertmaster of the Orchestra do Algarve. He warmly welcomed me and spent the afternoon setting up equipment, sound checking, and preparing a menu to delight all of the guests! During the sound check Krasimir asked if I'd mind him joining me with his violin, how could I resist?! (*pinching myself*) His playing added MAGIC to EVERY piece, a sound with an ethereal, voice-like emotion and quality. As I stood there singing, song after song, I just kept thinking to myself, 'IS THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENING RIGHT NOW?!' (*pinching myself again*) Dream. Come. True. I was thrilled when Krasimir agreed to add his breathtaking violin part to my final recording of Summertime Sadness. I am still in disbelief (*more pinching*) but the proof is right here! Please enjoy this special collaboration in the YouTube link, and see images of the night below. Lots of Love, Tonia xo

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